Ryan Coughlin  
/ Mainer, Designer, and Fly Fishing Junkie

What makes great software?

I've been working at that for the last 10 years.
What I’ve found so far is that every product should start with a discovery phase of cross-team research and customer validation. This provides a foundation to define problems, solve them, and iteratively deliver solutions to customers. Teams who are aligned and collaborative have the ability to produce some amazing work.
Design can deliver a great experience by:
  • Conduct research to define high-value opportunities that can impact the business and product strategy
  • Ask yourself, "Who else in the organization can we learn from? Who talks to customers the most?"
  • Understand the business case and problems with the Product team
  • Assemble user journeys to create a seamless experience without dead-ends
  • Run brainstorm meetings to collaborate on problem-solving with Engineers and Product
  • Mature whiteboard notes into testable UX with customers
  • Establish UX and UI patterns that create predictable experiences
  • Evangelize the value of the work to be done to the organization. Align and rally the team.
Rinse, improve, and repeat.
My name is Ryan Coughlin. I grew up in a small coastal town in Maine. Outside of work, I love to spend time on the water and outdoors.
In my free time, I enjoy shooting photos, tying flies, and exploring new water.
I am currently Design Team Lead at Robin, where I design software to deliver a great Workplace Experience.
Within an average day, I:
  • Provide clear and direct feedback to designers to foster career growth
  • Find opportunities to improve how Design interfaces with teams across the organization
  • Support design by breaking down large initiatives into bite-sized chunks
  • Provide long term direction to leadership to help define company vision
  • Conduct research alongside Product and Engineering to build the right thing, at the right time
  • Ensure visual and experience design is consistent across product lines
  • Build design systems alongside a team of engineers
  • Facilitate design sprints with Designers, Engineers, and Product. Uncover problems, create alignment, and deliver outcomes.
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